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QFire Has 100 Combined Years of Emergency Response and Prevention in Australia.

QFire is a fire safety consulting and training company. QFire was established in 2009 to provide quality services for the protection of life and property from the effects of fire and other emergency events.

Our experienced team provide a level of expertise that most other providers simply cannot. Our expertise has been gained from many years of emergency prevention, preparedness and response. Our staff has over 100 years of combined fire safety experience. Our knowledge of legislation and regulatory requirements is second to none.

In addition to our practical experience, QFire staff hold numerous qualifications in fire prevention, fire management and paramedic studies.

All QFire trainers are nationally accredited and hold contemporary training and assessment qualifications.


Fire Safety Services

QFire provides a range of fire safety services to assist in areas of compliance, safety, evacuations and emergency situations. Our services include.

  • Building Fire Safety Audits
  • Fire Safety Adviser Services
  • Fire and Evacuation Training
  • Emergency Control Organisation (Chief Warden & Warden) Training
  • Emergency Planning Committee Training
  • Fire and Evacuation Plans / Emergency Plans
  • Evacuation Signs / Diagrams
  • General Evacuation First Response Evacuation Instruction
  • Evacuation Practice Drills
  • Fire Extinguisher Training

Other training services we provide include:

  • Low Voltage Rescue Training
  • HLTAID009 CPR Refresher
  • HLTAID011First Aid (Formally Senior First Aid)

QFire Safety Consulting Services

With over 100 combined years experience in emergency response and prevention, our team can assist with fire safety consulting for workplaces Australia wide.

Our consulting services not only guide you to the best practices, but ensure your compliance to the Building Fire Safety Regulation (BRSR).

With an experienced consulting team at your service our experts can assist with fire and evacuation plans, production of evauctin signs and diagrams, conducting fire audits and more.

Speak to us today about our fire safety consulting services and how we can help your business, simply  enquire online or call 0421 014006

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